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제조회사 WBT
판매가격 340,000원
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*WBT최신 넥스젠 시리즈
*WBT RCA 최고급 RCA플러그
*10.8mm굵기 케이블 까지 접속가능
*별모양 렌치포함

WBT-0152 Ag

» ultimate conductivity (one-piece signal conductor made of fine silver)
» free from eddy to a large extent
» wideband capability (up to 200 MHz)
» excellent electromagnetic shielding (EMI)
» absolute secure signal transmission through pat. WBT collect chuck device
» two-piece clamping sleeve in black piano lacquer

Signature RCA plug with nextgen™ technology
with signal conductor made of fine silver 

nextgen™ -  new generation of WBT RCA connectors

The basic element having influence on the sound quality of WBT-0152 Ag is the Central Contact Unit which has been developed exactly the same way as for the plug model WBT-0110 Ag: minimal mass of signal conductors made of fine silver. Silver was chosen because of being the best electrical conductor which provide not only an ultra rapid signal transmission, but also an excellent fine resolution. The signal conductors are passivated and thus best possibly protected against corrosion or migration which would affect the contact quality.

WBT-0152 Ag lies with its transmission bandwidth of up to 200 MHz far in excess of the transmission bandwidth of conventional RCA plugs.

Through the collect chuck device which works like a chuck of a drill machine the plug’s outer contact once inserted clamps firmly to the RCA socket. The maximum contact pressure provides not only a secure connection, but also minimizes the transition resistance.

Thanks to the two-piece clamping sleeve the sleeve’s cone does not turn while the clamping sleeve is tightened and thus the contact elements are not exposed to twisting pressure. Besides, this way dimension inaccuracy of the outer contacts of the female sockets are compensated for.

The centre pin is slotted and slightly bent up and thus guarantees with its firm spring feature a long-lasting secure electrical connection with lowest transition resistance possible.

The body element is made of brass (platinum plated) in order to accept rigid and particularly thick cables and is designed for a larger cable diameter (up to 10.8 mm Ø). The metal connector body is of course electrically uncoupled from the Central Contact Unit und is made of as little metal as possible so that also WBT-0152 Ag is free from eddy current to a large extent.

Other than for digital outputs it is very important for phono outputs (record players, microphones) to have a good shielding against electromagnetic interfering fields. The undesirable interspersions can be very high depending on the nature of the devices and first of all on what they are surrounded by (cellular phones, computers etc.). WBT-0110 nextgen™ pure was designed as the perfect RCA plug for digital links, the new WBT-0152 Ag optimizes analogue connections. WBT-0152 Ag has the more conductive and with the minus contact element connected brass clamping sleeve in order to provide the necessary electromagnetic shielding.

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